Motorsports Universal Plus Controller (Spiider Plus)

Spiider Plus Full Set

We are very exited to announce an addition to our family of Motorsports DCCD controllers. DCCDPro Universal Plus Controller (Spiider Plus) is a dual processor intelligent DCCD controller with wheel speed analysis. This controller has a dedicated processor for sensing wheel slippage on top of all the unique and powerful aspects of the Universal Controller that allows for a real hands free, driver

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G-sensor Location matters

We have been asked many times “does it matter where the G-sensor is located for a DCCD Controller to perform well ?”. The answer is yes, absolutely. The closer the G-sensor is to the center of weight distribution the more accurate it can sense the events  ( x/y acceleration/deceleration) and that is why our controller

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Adaptive algorithm under the hood

Our Universal Controllers are programmed with an advanced firmware that is adaptive. If you change the knob setting in auto mode more than 5%, the adaptive algorithm kicks in. Now you might ask, what does that do? The answer is, it starts looking at your driving behavior and how fast the inputs are changing and finds an optimum point to your driving behavior to smooth the system response rather

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First place for our sponsored team!


Deft Motion Rally Team, congratulations for first place in your class at temple canyon hill climb in canon city! Here is a note from Dan regarding Universal Controller: Hey Jeff, Got the car tuned and headed to the temple canyon hill climb in canon city over the weekend! We lead all day Saturday and then got rained out on Sunday. Still waiting for the official results but we placed

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