NEW!  Motorsports Universal Plus Controller (Spiider Plus)

DCCDPro Universal Plus Controller

Spiider Plus

We are very exited to announce an addition to our family of Motorsports DCCD controllers. DCCDPro Universal Plus Controller (Spiider Plus) is a dual processor intelligent DCCD controller with wheel speed analysis. This controller has a dedicated processor for sensing wheel slippage on top of all the unique and powerful aspects of the Universal Controller that allows for a real hands free, driver adapting experience. This is the only DCCD controller in the world with two processor and is specially important as one being assigned to comparing/analyzing wheel speeds directly from the ABS wheel sensors rather than an inaccurate reading from single sensor on the transmission. The system is housed in a single box for easy installation and less wiring. We have been dedicated to bringing a truly enjoyable experience of using DCCD transmissions to the Subaru community since 2007 and we have stepped up this effort to a whole new level. For more information on this product or to order please contact us at : or call +1-613-592-7063

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admin on December 17th, 2014

Motorsports Universal Controller (Spiider)

DCCDPro Universal Controller



Did you swap the transmission and need to control the DCCD mechanism? Do you need an intelligent solution that works on all road conditions without a need to change modes?

This motorsports product is specifically designed for swapped cars, and includes everything required for automatic and manual DCCD operation, including an advanced hardware and adaptive software design of the control module in a water resistant enclosure, with a nice adjustment knob for setting the locking force. This system is infinitely adjustable between fully locked and unlocked levels.Each control module is fully quality controlled prior to shipment.

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admin on September 18th, 2014

DCCDPro Universal Controller
Yes…not the news many of us wants to hear. Fall is coming.

Last winter hit us hard, and having an AWD was a big help. Those having it must have really felt a relief and more confidence even on wet roads not to mention ice and snow.

If you need a controller, We encourage you to beat the rush…don’t wait until the first snow flying in the air to figure out you need your AWD back! Right now build/ship times are normal and with no back log we are  working through the orders very quickly as they come in.

Kind regards, Team

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admin on July 10th, 2014

Our Universal Controllers are programmed with an advanced firmware that is adaptive. If you change the knob setting in auto mode more than 5%, the adaptive algorithm kicks in. Now you might ask, what does that do? The answer is, it starts looking at your driving behavior and how fast the inputs are changing and finds an optimum point to your driving behavior to smooth the system response rather than overshoot or undershoot in it’s response. Just another innovation in our product.

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admin on May 16th, 2014

Deft Motion Rally Team, congratulations for first place in your class at temple canyon hill climb in canon city!
Here is a note from Dan regarding Universal Controller:
Hey Jeff,
Got the car tuned and headed to the temple canyon hill climb in canon city over the weekend! We lead all day Saturday and then got rained out on Sunday. Still waiting for the official results but we placed first based off of Saturdays times! The new diff controller worked great! Here’s a pic of us coming up through the canyon!
Check more photos and read about this on our facebook page:


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admin on May 12th, 2014

The guide for connecting the MY 08+ STi Controls to our DCCDPro Universal Controller is released. You can find the document at this link:

Kind regards, Team

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admin on March 24th, 2014

I want to take the opportunity to answer a question regarding the box we use for our DCCD products. We have been asked and sometimes even criticized (regarding aesthetics), why we chose the ABS plastic box we use for our DCCD Controllers. Well there are certain elements that have been considered for choosing this box that might not come to attention at first glance and I will explain here:
1- Dust proof. This is a really important feature specifically on rural roads. If you open up one of our controllers after couple years in dusty conditions you will notice it is very clean which increases quality and endurance of the electronic circuits inside. Did I mention we have controllers out there since 2007/08 that are still working and performing as good as day one of installation?
2- Water resistant. This is also equally important. Although most users install the unit under dash which keeps the unit away of possible spillage of liquids but water dripping due to humidity condensation can occur in certain climates. You would also be happy to know that if by accident a coffee mug tips over you will not lose your transmission torque control.
3-Vibration support. Through hole devices have been proven to be devices to be used for harsh environments  with a lot of vibration (Motorsport applications) and to house them you need more space. The box is large enough to accommodate that but still just 4.7″x3.7″x1.4″ (inches).
4-Manufactured with Quality. The box adheres to NEMA IP65 standard,  manufactured with high quality, by  vendor (Hammond) with facilities in Canada and US. We could have used cheap aluminum box  form overseas and possibly better aesthetics but then we could not present you a quality product  with above essential characteristics.

Kind regards,


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admin on March 7th, 2014

We have an exciting news to share.  Starting today all standard controls on new purchases of our Universal Controllers will carry lifetime warranty with them. We our proud of the quality of our products and we thought we share it with you.

Kind regards, Team

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admin on February 2nd, 2014

We are glad to announce staring Feb. 3rd the Universal Controllers that are equipped with LFB (Left Foot Braking) option will be capable of setting the throttle threshold level for brake override. The default setting for  throttle is at 1/3 open and will be kept as before but, you can adjust it to higher levels at calibration phase by simply pushing the throttle to level desired when doing calibration. If there is no input at calibration phase or it is less than 1/3 open the setting would revert to 1/3 open (default).

Kind regards, Team

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admin on January 26th, 2014

Photo: We are working on supporting 08+ DCCD controls on our Universal Controller and the project is coming along nicely. Stay tuned for an announcement.We are working on supporting 08+ DCCD controls on our Universal Controller and the project is coming along nicely. Stay tuned for an announcement.